Eric Eisenberg and Sean Mahar are communication experts with decades of combined experience helping people change the trajectory of their careers, relationships, and organizations through more thoughtful, purposeful interactions. They’ve dedicated their careers to studying, refining, and teaching conscious communication to individuals across the globe – with clients ranging from CEOs to government administrators. Their methods have proven to be effective across a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, and manufacturing.


Meet Eric Eisenberg and Sean Mahar

Organizational Communication Experts

Eric M. Eisenberg and Sean E. Mahar have dedicated their careers to helping individuals develop and hone the practice of conscious communication to improve their lives, their relationships, and their organizations. Both have taught conscious communication strategies to executives and employees in a variety of industries around the world. Eric and Sean have now joined forces to provide their proven techniques to everyone in their new book, Stop Wasting Words.

Stop Wasting Words

Stop Wasting Words: Leading Through Conscious Communication

Poor communication skills wreak havoc on companies across all industries. When leaders fail to successfully communicate, their effectiveness wanes. Stop Wasting Words: Leading Through Conscious Communication was born out of the necessity for a comprehensive guide to conscious communication.

This book helps leaders understand how to work with their intended audiences to improve understanding and follow through. Eric and Sean bring their decades of experience to the table to share the power of conscious communication and how it can improve interpersonal interactions, boost organizational effectiveness, and even save lives.


Eric and Sean are authorities on the subject of communication and bring with them decades of combined speaking experience. Experts in the field of effective communication, Eric Eisenberg and Sean Mahar speak to audiences around the country on the use of language as a tool in the workplace.

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Learning how to better communicate with those you lead is one of the most important elements of being a compelling leader. Eric and Sean specialize in coaching both executives and employee leaders to practice conscious communication to better engage and align with their employees. Their techniques have been shown to dramatically improve both interpersonal communications and overall organizational effectiveness.

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Are you an effective Communicator?


Are you an effective communicator?

The conscious communication techniques taught in Stop Wasting Words begin with a thorough self-assessment. We’ve created this short digital assessment to help you reflect on your approach to communication and how it affects your leadership success.

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