As the Scottish poet George Burns wrote in 1786:

"Oh, would some Power give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us!"

Good news! The Power Now Exists! The 360 Degree Leadership Communication Assessment will enable you to know how OTHERS see you and give you the tools to decide how you can improve your communication effectiveness.

Conscious Communication Assessment Opportunities

Are you an effective Communicator?

Option 1

Leadership Communication Self-Assessment
Value: In less than 10 minutes you can answer 10
questions that will enable you to compare your
understanding of communication with the latest research
on best practices. We will provide you with the best
answers so that you can work on strengthening your
communication effectiveness at your own pace.

Sample Question:
You confide in a friend about a problem you are
currently facing in your personal life and ask for their
advice. They respond with advice that doesn’t seem
relevant. What is likely your first thought?

Option 2

360 Degree Leadership Communication Assessment
Value: Our web-based assessment and reports can gather the perceptions of up to 25 people including direct reports, peers, bosses, and others. When your opinion about your own strengths is similar to the opinions of others, the groundwork exists for excellent communication. When you
see yourself as being helpful with feedback and others
experience you as being hurtful with criticism, the
groundwork exists for a challenging work environment that
can negatively impact productive relationships and quality. With this assessment, you can find out how a leader is viewed by others and you can use the detailed analysis of the results to develop improvement plans.

Sample Question:
Consistently seeks out feedback on what is working well and what needs improvement.


Are you an effective communicator?

The conscious communication techniques taught in Stop Wasting Words begin with a thorough self-assessment. We’ve created this short digital assessment to help you reflect on your approach to communication and how it affects your leadership success.

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