Are You an Effective Communicator?

The ability to communicate has been an essential element of humans’ success since the beginning of time. With tens of thousands of years of practice, one might think humans are now expert communicators, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are still beginners.

For leaders especially, the ability to communicate with those you lead is inextricably linked to overall success. Eric M. Eisenberg and Sean E. Mahar have dedicated their careers to helping individuals develop and hone the practice of conscious communication to improve their lives, their relationships, and their organizations. Eisenberg and Mahar’s book Stop Wasting Words: Leading Through Conscious Communication guides individuals as they evaluate their current communication practices, increasing effectiveness and promoting positive change.

Stop Wasting Words encourages a thorough self-assessment of the reader’s current communication habits. We’ve created this short digital assessment to help you reflect on your current communication practices and how it affects your leadership skills. Let’s get started.

Please carefully read the following scenarios and select the most appropriate response. Note that you will be asked to put yourself in the shoes of many different individuals. This is because the concepts of conscious communication are highly transferable throughout all aspects of life. Do your best to role play and put yourself in these various scenarios. Choose the answer that is closest to how you believe you would realistically respond.

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