Helping leaders and teams strengthen their communication effectiveness

Conscious Communication is the Key to Effective Leadership

Many corporate leaders and teams have the knowledge and experience to fulfil their responsibilities. In doing such, opportunities for exceeding responsibilities, maximizing continuous improvement, and motivating exceptional performance from peers and direct reports can consistently fall short. Ideas and creativity can be reduced to command and control language.

Without realizing it, unconscious culture and unconscious communication patterns can lock leaders, teams and employees into nearly unbreakable habits that compromise collaboration, breakthrough thinking, and authentic engagement.

Eric Eisenberg and Sean Mahar have decades of combined experience coaching and educating individuals and organizations on how to harness the power of conscious communication to improve leadership effectiveness and better serve their organizations, employees, customers/clients, and bottom lines. Improving communication effectiveness leads to improved organizational effectiveness.

Eric and Sean specialize in working with executives, employee leaders, and teams to strengthen their use of conscious communication. Their conscious communication techniques have been shown to dramatically improve both interpersonal communications and overall effectiveness.

Does communication consulting sound like something that could benefit your team or organization? Reach out today to find out how Eric and Sean can help increase your business’s success.


Are you an effective communicator?

The conscious communication techniques taught in Stop Wasting Words begin with a thorough self-assessment. We’ve created this short digital assessment to help you reflect on your approach to communication and how it affects your leadership success.

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